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  Welcome to my Website!

Primarily, the site is a gallery of the radios in my collection or that I have restored which I hope others will enjoy looking at. Summary information will be given of any repairs or restoration necessary. Perhaps it will provide you with information on your radio?.

Secondly, the site is intended to be a resource for those who need cheap, hard-to-find bits and pieces to complete their project. I have loads of vintage components and other bits which I cannot possibly list. I don't have the time! If you are like me, you will normally want a selection of parts for a particular project. I think it is much quicker if you send me an e-mail asking have you got a 'wigit' rather than ploughing through pages of components. My 'stores' vary from time to time, so please visit again. I am located in Waiheke Island, so most things are available in NZ

About My Collection

The radios I used to collect were usually from junk shops, flea markets, skips, etc. In other words they are usually in need of complete restoration inside and out. Often this results in one good radio being made from several others. As a consequence, I have a number of scrap radios which although beyond resurrection could have parts useful for your restoration. What do you need? E-Mail Me, If I don't have it, I will, at your request, add your requirement to the free wanted page..

Comments about the website

I invite polite comments about this website. Was it easy to use? How did you find it? Did you find what you want, are there things you would like to see etc etc

Let me know your thoughts via 'Contact Me'..

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