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Caveat Emptor! Buyer Beware.

All links on this site have been used by me on occasion and have "delivered the goods".
Apart from that, I have no connection with these sites, except the BVWS which I am a member of.
These links are given in good faith. I cannot accept any liability for any losses incurred by you using these sites. All transactions are directly between you and the supplier.


BVWS British Vintage Wireless Society 

Repair/Restoration/Technical Sites

Tony Thompson's site.   Author of several books on the subject. lots of info, Well worth a look .

Vintage Radio.   An excellent comprehensive site on the subject of Vintage Radio
Radio Wrinklies . Projects to build (I recommend the shortwave crystal set)
Wood samples .   Identify the type of wood your cabinet is made of.

Past Times Radio . Restores, Sales & Spares.

Ask Jan first.           Loads of valves.

Sid Chaplain.       Replacement speaker grille cloth. Send a SAE for a catalogue of samples.
Wireless Works .  Restored and Unrestored radios to buy. Parts and Service. 

Non UK

German Radio Museum.  A lot is in English. Not Just German Radios. Very Comprehensive.

Radios der 50-er Jahre auf der Homepage von Eike Grund A lot is in English. 

Norfolk Island 
South Pacific
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